Please refer to our auto locksmith page if you need to unlock your car or to make new car keys. We can help you at any time. You can Rely on us 24 hour, as we are 24 hour locksmith service. We deal with a lot of issues, related with auto locksmith service.

Please refer to our Commercial page if you are in a need of a locksmith to unlock or secure your business, office or commercial property. We are experts in all commercial related locksmiths situations.

Please refer to our residential locksmith page if you have accidentally locked your keys inside the house, have lost your house keys or have broken your house keys. We can deal with any situation related to residential properties.


Downtown Locksmith aims to support you with all issues related to any form of key or lock. Our main priority is to ensure the safety and security of Nashville’s residents, whilst simultaneously providing our customers with a professional experience. We offer 24 hour high quality services. We provide a variety of services ranging from residential, commercial and automobile locksmith needs. It is essential for us to complete all of our jobs accurately and without delay. We are equipped with all of the necessary tools needed to complete any task at any location.



We work 24 hours a day and are always ready to get to you whenever and wherever you need us.


We offer an extremely reliable Locksmith service due to our many years of experience in the industry.

Mobile Locksmith


Providing mobile locksmith services gives us a large advantage of being efficient and fast. This is due to the fact that our customers do not need to physically come to us but instead we arrive at our customers location at any time.


We know Tennessee extremely well, therefore allowing us to navigate and communicate easily.



We offer a local service and consistently aim to get to our customers as quickly as possible.


Do You Have a Store Front?

No, we do not. We offer mobile locksmith services at a location convenient for the customer. We operate 24/7 mobile locksmith services. The fact that we are completely mobile helps us to best serve our customers at any time of the day, quickly and efficiently.

Are You Available at Night?

Yes, we work 24/7. We can assist you at any time of the day or night.

How Do I know If a Locksmith is Certified?

You can check on the local government website if a company is licensed or not. We at downtown-locksmith are licensed. Our license number is 474.

What Does Re-key mean?

Re-key a lock is replacing the old internal lock parts providing with new internal “Pins, Tumble or Waffers”. In this process there is no memory for the old key, and no risk the old keys will work if the service done by an expert.

When Should I Change my Locks?

Generally, good quality locks last for a long time. Make sure to maintain your locks properly. In case the lock is stiff, put some lubricate in. It is not necessary to change a lock which is working, we recommend changing the lock in case a security update is required, an unauthorized person got the keys, you lost your keys, or if the lock does not function properly.

How Much Do Your Services Cost?

The price of Locksmith services may be affected by many different factors such as: The type of lock, the manufacture of the lock, the complexity of the situation, the time the job is required, the make and model of your car. We offer a price range on our price page, which present the minimum and the maximum expected cost for the service.

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