Downtown Locksmith offers auto locksmith services with Nashville and its surrounding area. We offer a large range of car key services.

We know the importance of getting reliable and fast service whenever you need it. Our main aim is to provide you with high-quality services that you are satisfied with. As such, we offer a wide range of services, available 24/7.

Do you require any auto locksmith service? Please do not hesitate to call now and join our satisfied customers.

Auto locksmith services:

Car Key Replacement

Need a new car key? Did you lose or break yours? Was it stolen? Downtown Locksmith can make you a replacement key with or without the original. We can come to your location and cut or program a new key on the spot.  We can replace keys from most makes and model of car, new and old. We replace the following kinds of key:

  • Blade Keys
  • Transponder Keys
  • Smart Keys / Proximity Keys
  • Remote Keys

Car Key Duplication

Need a spare copy of your car key? Did you lock yourself out of your car? Do you want to prevent a lockout before it happens? Downtown Locksmith can come and make you a spare car on the spot. There’s no need to drive around town to a storefront to get a spare key. We can come to you, whenever and wherever is convenient for you to duplicate your key.   

Key Extraction

Did you get your car key stuck in the lock? The ignition? It happens sometimes, often due to wear and tear either in the lock cylinder or on the teeth of the key. Trying to force the key out of the lock yourself will only damage both your lock and the key. You will need to call in a professional locksmith to help you. Downtown Locksmith can come out to your location and extract the key for you safely, without damaging your hardware.

Ignition Repair and Replacement

Ignition problems may not immediately seem like a problem for a locksmith, but many people don’t know that when their ignition starts having trouble, it’s often due to a problem inside the lock cylinder itself. In that case, there’s no one better to call than a trained, professional locksmith. At Downtown Locksmith, we know all kinds of locks, including the one in your ignition. If you’re having a problem, you don’t have to drive to the mechanic straight away. Just call Downtown if you notice any of the following issues with your ignition:

  • Having to jiggle the key in the lock in order to turn the ignition
  • Being totally unable to turn the key
  • Your key not smoothly entering the ignition lock cylinder


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Car & Trunk Lockout

Have you locked yourself out of your car or trunk? Left the keys in the ignition or sitting on the console while you locked and exited your vehicle? We all do it at some time or another. The best bet is to keep a spare car key copy with you. However, when you haven’t planned ahead, and none of your friends and love ones can come help, you have to call a professional locksmith. That’s where Downtown Locksmith can help - we work 24/7 to assist people all over Nashville with their lockout emergencies. Just call us and we can locate you and get you back into your car safely and efficiently. It doesn’t matter what time it is or where you are in the city - we can help!

Car Key Programming

Nowadays, car keys for any car are equipped with a transponder chip. This transponder sends signals to the vehicle in order to communicate with the cars ECU (the computer within the car) allowing the car to start. Whilst the transponder system is extremely reliable, a key may stop working due to a flat battery or damage or loss of synchronization. In most cases, it is possible to reprogram the key whilst in other cases, a new key may be needed or resynchronize electrical components of the car.