The privacy of our users is essential to us. You share your personal information with us when you access our website or order any service or product from us. We highly appreciate your trust in us and take all necessary action to ensure that your personal information is safe an inaccessible to anyone except the ones mention in our privacy policy. The purpose of this privacy policy is to inform the visitors of our website how we collect and use personal data, what type of information we are interested in, why we need this information, to whom this information may be shared and how we protect the data that we own.

We advise reading this policy and the disclaimer before proceeding.  


Please note that the information that we collect includes:

  • Personally Identifiable information relates to the specific information that can identify you and which was collected by us while communicating with you. For example, we may ask for your name, surname, location, email address or phone number whilst speaking to you. All of the above mentioned information helps us to identify you and to provide you with the locksmith service that you need.
  • The pages you visit on our website

We also gather information based on what you search for on our website. This enables us to present you with the most suitable services for you when accessing our website again.

  • Your IP (Internet Protocol) address.

This is where all the information about your internet activity is saved. Your IP address gives us the opportunity to observe the steps that you follow on our website. Through the use of your IP address we may also collect the following information about you:

  • Pages you visited before our site;
  • the type of browser you used;
  • an operating system of the browser.


First and foremost, the information that we collect helps us to provide you with the service that you are ordering. Additionally, it aids us to consistently improve our services. The various information collected on which type of information you are searching on our website allows us to identify which service are the most and least demanded by you. The information collected also helps us to analyze and solve problems quickly. Lastly, this information makes it much easier for us to provide you with the pages that you are more interested in whilst visiting our website.


There are several ways in which we collect data about the users on our website. Some of the ways in which we collect such information include:

  • Directly:

During our initial communication with you, we may ask for your name, surname, location and address so as to provide you with our service at your exact location. In addition, such personal information is also required in order to identify that the specific car, house or business that we are working on belongs to you.

  • Log data

When visiting our website, your browser automatically send us certain information about you. Some of this information includes your IP address, the type of operating system of your browser, and the time/duration of your visit on the website. We utilize all of this information to make our website more user friendly and accessible.

Cookies are the standard way of collecting information from the internet nowadays. They represent small pieces of files which are sent and saved to your hard drive when you visit our website. With the help of such cookies, we can collect information about the services that you usually visit on our website. This helps us to identify which services or products are most desirable.


Please note that we strictly follow the concept of liberty of choice. This is why we inform you about the information that we collect about you and the ways in which we collect the information. Through this privacy policy, we would also like to inform you that you have the choice to decline sharing cookies information with us, to do so please refer to your browser setting/ help section.
Please take into consideration that if you do decide to decline the use of cookies, you may limit your access to some of the contents and services provided on the website.


We respect the fact that you share your personal data with us and we take all necessary measurements to ensure the safety of your personal data. There is no 100% guarantee on the safety of information on the internet but we work hard to protect all of our electronic data from inappropriate use.


We strictly follow the rules of children’s privacy. We do not knowingly collect information of any individual below the age of 18 nor offer them our services. If we do identify that one of our websites users is underage, we immediately delete all information gathered on the specific individual. We would kindly like to ask that if you notice your child or other children you know providing us with any personal information to inform us immediately so that we can take all appropriate actions of deleting any stored information.


There is a chance that we may make some changes in the terms and conditions of this website. In order to keep yourself up to date, please review the Privacy Policy of our website before each visit.


If you have any questions regarding what is stated in the Privacy Policy above, you may get in touch with us any time via the contact information given on the homepage of our website.

Thank you for you interest in our website.